Modular Timber Frame Homes By Swissline Design

About Us

Swissline Design was established in 2006. Marc Lüdi (Master Carpenter from Switzerland) has been living in South Africa since 2000.  He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the Timber Frame Homebuilding. Marc is a Master Carpenter and we have a great team.

Our website: will attest to the outstanding and professional work Swissline Design's teams have fulfilled since 2005.

Building Sustainably

Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials and the design capabilities are endless.

If we continue to build at the rate we are using these non-eco-friendly building materials, then South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world will continue to assist in jeopardizing the future of our children.

Factory built homes in timber win the score on energy efficiency!  They are more energy efficient because of the build quality delivered as it’s easier to put insulation into the timber frame walls and allow for cavity between the two skins creating a higher R-Value.


We have a few pre-designed floor plans only, to be available to give you an idea of costing based on those specific layouts and window/door schedules etc. and using our standard high quality specifications. Follow this link to find out about the materials we use

Swissline Design can custom build to your drawings and specifications.

Method | Manufacture time | Installation time

Each timber frame home is manufacture at our workshop into elements / panels – all fully insulated and treated where necessary, including all conduits (built in 1st fix) and plumbing piping and windows and sliding door frames already installed.

These elements are then transported to site by crane truck in order to allow for speedy assembly. The duration of the manufacture period depends on our work load at time of order and can range from 3 months, depending on size of home / structure.

The installation time on site is also dependent on the site accessibility and location, but generally far faster than the conventional way of building with bricks and mortar. The floor & wall elements and the roof beams are generally assembled within a week – the roof finish (ceilings / insulation / purlins / sheeting) and interior finishes and deck generally take the longest.

One of the many advantages of building with timber frame is that once the structure is up, you / we can immediately commence with the finishes – no drying out time.