ISOTHERM Thermal InsulationEco Insulation

ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation

ISOTHERM Thermal Insulation is suitable for roof, wall and geyser insulation. Manufactured by Brits Nonwoven,


  • Cost effective – ISOTHERM pays for itself by reducing the electricity costs of energy-consuming heating and cooling systems.
  • Safe and easy to install – The soft texture of ISOTHERM makes it is easy to roll out and cut to size. Pleasant to touch, ISOTHERM is simple and safe to install. It is non-allergenic, non-irritant and resilient and does not support the spread of flame.
  • Maintenance-free – ISOTHERM is resistant to condensation and associated fungi and bacteria. It retains loft and will not collapse over time.
  • Eco-friendly – ISOTHERM is made from 100% thermally bonded, people-friendly polyester. The polyester fibre is produced from recycled PET bottles. ISOTHERM is also recyclable.
  • Accredited – ISOTHERM has recognised standards of quality such as the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and proof of qualitative associations with associations such as TIASA. ISOTHERM is also Agrément certified, an international standard of the highest quality and has earned ISO 9001 accreditation.
  • Fire performance - ISOTHERM complies with SANS 10400, the application of the national building regulations, as an insulation material.

Tested in accordance with SANS 428:

  • fire performance classification B/B 1/2.
  • ASTM – E 84: spread of flame: nil.
  • BS 5803 part 4: does not smoulder.
  • Test reports available on request.
  • For further information contact Brits Nonwoven.
  • ASTM – E84:
  • spread of flame = 0
  • smoke index = 160
  • smoke toxicity = < 1 (low toxicity)
  • *SANS 10400 – 1990 The application of the national building regulations.

Moisture absorption: ISOTHERM does not absorb more than 2% (by mass) of moisture, which is within the limits set by the standard.

*Tested in accordance with SANS 1381: Part I (Materials for thermal insulation of buildings).

Performance (R-Values) - The R-Value is the measure of an insulation product’s ability to restrict heat transfer. The R-Value is therefore indicative of an insulation product’s thermal insulation performance. The higher the R-Value the better the performance and effectiveness of the insulation product. The R-Value of ISOTHERM is dependent on the thickness selected.

Up R-Values - This is the resistance to the upward flow of heat; sometimes referred to as “winter” R-Values or warming.

Down R-Values - This is the resistance to the downward flow of heat; sometimes referred to as “summer” R-Values or cooling.

Total R-Values - This is the total thermal resistance provided by a roof or ceiling assembly and /or wall, including the insulation material. Total R-Values are the best indicators of performance.

Cellulose Fibre Insulation

Eco-Insulation Cellulose Fibre Ceiling Insulation is made in South Africa from recycled newsprint that has been milled to optimum density. Based on international standards and locally approvals, Eco-Insulation offers a hard to beat combination of R-Values with exceptional thermal performance and 100% coverage of the area being treated. There is a product specification for each of SA’s 6 Climatic Zones as designated by the South African National Standard relating to Buildings

Pneumatically pumped into the ceiling or dry wall/partition cavity by professional contractors, Eco-Insulation offers a sustainable, green solution to the client. It is an acclaimed energy efficient solution for the home, office or industrial building.

Eco-Insulation is a tested and field proven insulation product. Research on cellulose insulation has shown that air leakage through the walls and ceilings is reduced because cellulose has a better and natural ability to “tighten” the building by filling in small, hard-to-reach cavities and irregular surfaces. Eco-Insulation is machine blown and it offers a greater performance value than other fibrous insulations. Its higher density and perfect fit dramatically reduce air leakage and air convection, while significantly helping to reduce noise in the building (especially when used under a suspended wooden floor).

Eco-Insulation is...

Fire Resistent

Extensive flame-retardant and smolder tests performed by the S.A.B.S., verifies that Eco-Insulation cannot burn or smolder and will not promote spread of flames, even when exposed to an extremely hot naked flame. Eco-Insulation does not emit any poisonous toxins or gases when threatened by fire. Our cellulose fibre insulation is impregnated with the highest quality flame-retardants, which are environment friendly and commonly found in any household. See Professional section for detail.


Unattractive to rodents and insects

100% environment friendly Eco-Insulation is unattractive to rodents and insects. Our cellulose fibre insulation does not contain any poisonous repellents. Undesirables simply avoid the product because it attaches itself to their fur and paws. Our insulation product has proved its long-term resistance to both wet and dry rot.


Non Toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic

Eco-Insulation promotes sustainable building, environment friendly awareness, and produces energy efficient homes. Made from recycled newsprint and impregnated with internationally used environment-friendly additives, Eco-Insulation is genuine green insulation. It contains no toxic materials. With Eco-Insulation, you will not feel an irritable itch on your skin. Eco-Insulation is not detrimental to the respiratory system. Note: No synthetic fibre mat installation, is both quick and clean, with little mess to be cleaned up. Installation into an average three bedroom home takes about three and a half hours. ECO-INSULATION is environmentally friendly, extremely efficient and cost effective. ECO-INSULATION is the 'cents'-ible choice.

Cool in the summer. Warm in the winter

Why install expensive, unhealthy and electricity consuming air conditioners, which require regular maintenance and servicing when SABS approved Eco-Insulation is available at only a fraction of the cost? Eco-Insulation remains constant all year round and carries a lifetime guarantee of the product. Eco-Insulation can never become ineffective or deteriorate and will promote significant electricity savings. The payback period from the cost of Eco-Insulation is about 2 years in energy cost savings.

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